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4 Beautiful Words: Pitchers And Catchers Report


Reds Spring Training Information Announced

The Reds have announced report dates for Spring Training. Pitchers and catchers will report to Goodyear, Arizona on February 14 and will be followed by position players on February 19. There is also schedule, ticket and travel information on

The group that heads to Goodyear in February will look a lot different than the one that finished last year in Cincinnati. Most notably, Billy Hamilton will enter camp as the centerfielder. He will replace Shin-Soo Choo, who agreed to a 7-year deal with the Texas Rangers.

Regardless of what changes may take place in the next month or so, Spring Training is always an exciting time. So, if you want to get me a Christmas present, how about speeding up the calendar?


Yesterday, Yu Darvish provided a valuable lesson for pitchers and catchers across Major League Baseball.


Darvish froze Votto with a curveball for a called strike, prompting a reaction of ooohs and aaahs from the crowd at Goodyear Ballpark.  Darvish then made the mistake of trying to slip another one by Votto.  Big mistake.

Joey Votto is one of the smartest hitters I have ever seen.  His preparation and focus are unmatched by any players.  Anyone teaching young players how to hit should watch video of Votto on an endless loop.  Every at-bat has a purpose.  Every at-bat is a learning experience.  Every at-bat is important and none are wasted.

It was very interesting to see Votto’s reactions after the home run.  Immediately after the swing, he dropped the bat and looked to his left.  I would guess someone made a snide remark after the first curveball and Votto wanted to see if anyone had remarks after the second.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 10.34.04 AM

After crossing the plate, he very briefly gave a “Shhhhh…” gesture to the crowd to ensure them that he had the situation under control the whole time.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 10.29.50 AM

The Reds are playing a game today!

The first Spring Training game will get underway this afternoon at Goodyear Ballpark. The Reds and Indians start at 3:05 EST. The starting lineup has been posted on the @Reds Twitter page.

Choo 8, Phillips 4, Votto 3, Ludwick 7, Bruce 9, Frazier 5, Cozart 6, Hanigan 2, Olivo DH

Cingrani LHP


Baseball is here!

Thanks to @MLB for the reminder…

Today was the last Sunday until November without a baseball game.


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