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Did the Reds medical staff drop the ball?

Sean Marshall has been placed on the 15-day disabled list with tendinitis in his left shoulder.

Marshall was mysteriously absent from the Opening Day marathon against the Angels. When asked why Marshall didn’t pitch, he revealed that the lefty had been experiencing soreness in his pitching shoulder. Apparently, this had been an issue going back to the last week or so of Spring Training.

Evidently, Marshall was cleared to pitch on Sunday and threw a scoreless inning. He is now on the disabled list, with that appearance eliminating the possibility of having a retroactive start date.

I don’t know if clearing him to pitch on Sunday was a mistake or if the initial diagnosis (or lack thereof) was the mistake. Either way, a mistake was made. Again.

Let’s look at three situations that quickly come to mind. There are more if you want to do some research.

  • Ryan Madson is acquired by the Reds last winter and needs season-ending surgery before he throws a pitch.
  • What in the world is up with Nick Masset? Luke Skywalker had his hand chopped completely off and the artificial mechanism installed faster than Masset’s rehabilitation. Is he even doing rehabilitation?
  • Joey Votto has knee surgery. Then has another. Don’t play with daddy’s Porsche.

When are people going to start holding the medical staff accountable?


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