Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

Last night’s loss to the Tigers was a tough one to swallow.  Aroldis Chapman proved to be human after all, allowing two hits and two runs in one inning on the mound.  The wild pitch he threw in the eighth allowed the go-ahead run to score.

Go back and look at the replay of the wild pitch.  It should have never happened.  Devin Mesoraco’s attempt to receive the pitch is absolutely inexcusable, especially at such a critical point in the game.

When a pitch is thrown in the dirt with runners on base, the catcher must…

  • Drop to his knees and slide to the pitch location
  • Keep the glove in the dirt to prevent the ball from going between his legs
  • Angle his body so that the ball ricochets back toward the pitcher, rather than off to the side

There is no reason to try and catch the pitch.  It was in the dirt, so there was no chance of framing it for a strike.

I like Mesoraco a lot and think he is the long-term solution for the Reds at catcher.  However, he deserves part of the blame for the “wild pitch” last night.

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I couldn’t believe more people were talking about that. I’m glad someone noticed.

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