Reds Blogosphere reacts to Barry Larkin in Hall of Fame

The Reds Blogosphere has been buzzing since the announcement of Barry Larkin being voted into the Hall of Fame. I love reading everyone else’s reactions and opinions. Read on to see what some of my esteemed colleagues had to say.

2r2d – I found myself amazed when the Hall Of Fame announcement came in today that Barry Larkin got voted in. I knew he would but still found myself fist pumping and screaming in joy when the announcement came out. I remember watching Barry Larkin playing and how amazing of a player he was on and off the field. A lot of childhood memories came back today and it was a lot of fun.

Chris Sabo’s Goggles – I’ll turn 37-years-old this year, and I’ve never been to Cooperstown. It’s not for a lack of interest; I just never found a reason to go. I always told myself that if Barry Larkin or Pete Rose ever got elected to the Hall of Fame, that’s when I’d go. Let’s just say that I’m thankful for the former, because I probably would’ve never made it to Cooperstown if I waited for the latter.

So, this July, the entire staff of Chris Sabo’s Goggles (read: me) will be heading to Cooperstown to watch the festivities. There are a few logistics left to figure out, but rest assured I’ll be covering the ceremony on this blog in one way, shape, or form. And I can’t wait.

OMGreds – And with 86% of the BBWAA vote, our man Barry Larkin is the newest member of the Baseball Hall of Fame! OMGreds could not be more stoked! Congratulations to Barry and his family. What a day for Barry, the Reds and Cincinnati.

Red Reporter – But I do know that each time I attended a Reds game, Barry Larkin was the one player – constant through the years – that both made me think “wow, that’s really him down there” while somehow seeming completely at home and natural, not like an otherworldly celebrity.

Rockin’ Redlegs – Ladies and Gentlemen, Cincinnati is, once again, represented in the Baseball Hall of Fame! Mr. Barry Larkin, the man whose name sends me into a nostalgic whirlwind of the baseball of my childhood, is now a Baseball Hall of Famer. Congratulations to Barry – I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

Redleg Nation temporarily changed the name of the site to Barry Larkin Nation!

Mark My Word has a “bevy of quotes” from around the baseball world, all praising the career of Barry Larkin.

Better Off Red posted this awesome shot of the scoreboard at Great American Ball Park.


It is a great start to 2012 for Reds fans. Thank you for including 2r2d with all of these great blogs.

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