Rose on Votto

In the midst of reading John Erardi’s coverage of Barry Larkin’s Hall of Fame chances, I noticed a sidebar piece that was very intriguing. On the page that discusses the parallels between Larkin and Pete Rose, there is a section on the left-hand side titled Rose on Votto.

The question of whether or not Joey Votto will be a Red in 2014 is one that fans have been obsessing over. Personally, I am concerned about the upcoming season and the players that will be on the field this year. My blood pressure readings will only allow for one season at a time. However, I would be lying if I said it never sneaks into my mind.

Say what you want about his personal life and some of the choices he has made, but there is nobody’s opinion I value more about baseball than that of Pete Rose. It is obvious that Rose is still fascinated by the game he loves. His opinions have always evolved with the game, which is rare for someone at his age.

“I’ve got to believe (Reds owner) Bob Castellini wants to keep him, because nobody wants to win more than Bob,” Rose said. “(After all the recent movement by big-name first baseman), it’s not such a great time to be a first baseman and a free agent. They all want (and are getting) long-term deals.

“But there are only so many clubs out there with that kind of money to spend,” Rose said. “California has (Albert) Pujols, the Yankees have (Mark) Teixeira, and somebody’s going to get Prince Fielder. I don’t know that Joey wants to go to Chicago and be a Cub. I think the Reds will try to keep him, and they might be able to, because there might not be the money out here for him somewhere else.”

It is a very interesting and eye-opening take on the situation. It is one man’s opinion, but one that I value immensely.

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Great find, thank you for sharing. I do think there will be money out there when Votto is a free agent though. I just hope that the Reds trade him away if he does not want to stay so then they can get something in return before the big spenders jump in.

Blue Jays, Rangers, Cubs and Dodgers have been rumored to be waiting on Prince Fielder so then they can jump for Votto when the time comes.

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