Reds Fan Gift Guide – Mom/Wife

We are smack dab in the middle of the Christmas shopping season.  That’s right, I said Christmas.  Over the next day or so, I do my best to help you find the perfect gift for the Reds fan on your list.  Ladies first.

Cincinnati Reds Quilted Tote
My wife always brings some type of bag/purse to the stadium.  She will pack away bottles of water, peanuts, a camera, sunglasses, sun block and everything else, including the kitchen sink.  The kids and I got this bag for her last year.  It is big enough to carry what we needed to bring into the stadium but not much bigger than the average purse.


Cincinnati Reds Crystal Military Women’s Cap
There is something about a girl in a baseball cap.  This lid combines Reds fandom and your lady’s sense of style.  Also, this means you don’t have to wait for her to do her hair and get to the park even earlier.  Two birds!


Cincinnati Reds Women’s Can’t Hit On Me T-Shirt by Nike
This is dangerous territory.  There are many great choices in the women’s apparel department.  However, you must choose wisely.  Get a size that is too big and you think she is fat.  Get a size that is too small and you make her feel fat.  You’re on your own here, fellas.


Cincinnati Reds Crystal Bangle Bracelets by LogoArt
What female doesn’t love bling?  There are bracelets, necklaces and earrings to choose from.  If you have a daughter, get her and Mom matching bling.  Word.


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