Weathermen are stupid

I won’t name names, but he is on Channel 18+1 in Cincinnati and it rhymes with Spank Carzullo.

After hearing the weather forecast several times throughout the day, I made the decision to leave work early and head down for the Reds and Yankees. We drove through a storm on the way to Cincinnati while continuing to monitor the forecast from said weatherman. He repeatedly stated that there could be a pop-up storm and delay, but the game would surely be played.

We had sat down for dinner at The Machine Room when it was announced that the game was cancelled.

Mrs. Wight was not a happy camper.



he was right about the weather, just not the game, unfortunately. It turned into a nice night for a ball game, and tomorrow looks to be pretty bad. Not optimistic about those 2 games. :(

Oh Russell! So bummed for you guys! We’re hoping for tomorrow as well…Bean actually will be hitting the double header if it’s a go! He was supposed to go tonight! Be safe heading back!

I am sure the forecast tomorrow will be a chance of rain, mean it either will rain or it will not.

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