Would you like to have a “talk” with Scott Rolen?

Paul Daugherty published two really interesting stories on Cincinnati.com yesterday.

One asked each Reds all-star, “Who is this for?” All mentioned their families, including the heartbreaking mention of Arthur Rhodes losing his son in December 2008. It was also intriguing to see Joey Votto finally give himself some credit and acknowledge the fact that he is one of the best players in the National League.

The other article is the one that really caught my attention. Brandon Phillips is an outstanding player with amazing talent. In the past, he has rubbed fans in Cincinnati the wrong way at times. He will occasionally hit a single off the outfield fence because he was admiring what he thought was going to be a home run.

I recall one instance this year where Phillips was accused of not hustling, and that was early in the season. He is playing aggressive baseball and having an outstanding year. I have also noticed that Phillips is a little quicker around the bases when he goes deep. It appears to be a more business-like trot.

Now, we know why.

“Rolen says he talked to you about your home run trot,’’ I say to Phillips. Phillips, who loves style, occasionally will put a little flavor in his jog after a homer.

“He did,’’ Phillips says. “I was hitting in front of him. He was like, ‘Hey, BP, just so you know. If I get hit (with a pitch) because you pimped a home run, me and you are going to have to talk.’ That’s all I needed to know.’’

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