Harang pounded again

It was another poor outing for Aaron Harang as the Dodgers beat the Reds last night, 14-6. He saw his earned run average balloon to 8.31 after allowing 10 hits and seven runs (six earned) in just 5.2 innings. Harang was pitching behind in the count all night. Something must be done. The Reds cannot expect to be competitive in the division and allow this type of performance every fifth game.

I don’t know how to fix the situation with Harang. However, it appears to me that his ball is really straight. The speed of his fastball is fine, but it is as straight as an arrow. There does not seem to be any movement at all. He also continuously throws it in the hitting zone, over the plate between the batter’s knees and belt.

Harang wasn’t the only member of the pitching staff to get shelled last night. Logan Ondrusek is looking more and more like he belongs in Louisville. He pitched two innings in relief, giving up four hits and four runs. Ondrusek’s earned run average now sits at 11.25.

One of the game’s more interesting plays happened with the Reds batting in the fourth inning. With the bases loaded and two out, Dusty Baker sends Harang to the plate. First of all, this move blew my mind. The Dodgers were leading by one run. It seemed to be the perfect time for Micah Owings to pinch hit and then take the mound.

Anyway, Harang did hit a line drive to right that prompted Andre Ethier to attempt a sliding catch. The ball clearly hit the ground but was ruled a catch by umpire Tim McClelland. After an appeal, it was correctly ruled a hit and all runners were allowed to advance one base. The mistake cost the Reds a run because Jay Bruce would have easily scored from second base.

It turned out not to matter as the Dodgers offense was too much for the Reds pitching staff.

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