One week ago, the Reds were getting set for their first road trip of the season. They had just taken two out of three games against the Cubs to put their record at 3-3.

After winning the first two games of the road trip in Florida, the Reds were winning games and had fans beginning to believe their may just be something “1990-ish” about this team. However, back-to-back losses against the Marlins and getting swept by the Pirates over the weekend caused a road trip that started so well to end in complete disaster. It also caused fans to believe that this team would make the same mistakes as years past and Cincinnati would have to endure another losing season.

In the words of a cowboy trying to get his horse to stop, “Whhhhhoooooaaaaa…”

The Reds are 5-8. They have played 13 games, which is equal to 8% of their 162-game schedule.

The Cincinnati Bengals lost the first game of the 2009 NFL season on a tipped pass in the final seconds. I was disgusted, certain that another losing season was unfolding before my eyes. My kids, who were four and six at the time, told me not to worry because it was only one game. They assured me that the Bengals would win some games. At season’s end, the Bengals were division champions.

There are 16 games in the NFL season, totalling 64 quarters. Five quarters equals 8% of the season. One game and one quarter was certainly not enough evidence to support any conclusion on how the Bengals would finish the year.

Do the Reds have holes? Absolutely. However, fans need to give them a little more time. There is still 92% of the season left to play.

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