Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a good weekend for the Reds, taking two out of three from the Pirates. The Reds got two outstanding pitching performances. Eight shutout innings from Bronson Arroyo on Friday night and then Johnny Cueto matches that with eight of his own yesterday. With yesterday’s 5-0 victory, the Reds pitching staff now leads the majors with five shutouts. That is a statistic Reds fans thought they would never hear.

Dusty Baker doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to move Adam Rosales up in the batting order. Although I like the idea of Rosales hitting second, Baker is probably right to not make such a change after just a few games.

When Dusty Baker was asked about keeping Ryan Hanigan in the lineup on Saturday, he said, “What are you going to do with Ramon, who is just getting his stroke together?” Baker definitely plays favorites and his loyalty often sides with the veteran players. Yes, Hernandez has been showing signs of coming around offensively. But Hanigan never showed signs of not being there offensively.

Brandon Phillips and Dusty Baker “addressed” the situation last week when Phillips broke into his homerun trot on a ball that eventually hit the wall, resulting in a long single. Apparently, it was not addressed enough, because during Saturday’s 8-6 loss to the Pirates, Phillips failed to run out a popup that Freddy Sanchez dropped.

Joe Posnanski has a very interesting look at the Alex Rodriguez pitch-tipping accusations.

Aside from the pitch-tipping issue, which I have already addressed, the new book by Selena Roberts seems like a bunch of tabloid crap.

Another article about A-Rod and his fall from grace, compared with Ken Griffey Jr., whose fall from grace has been a natural aging process that all people go through (except maybe The Rolling Stones).

I will close on a serious note about the tragedy in Dallas. My thoughts and prayers go out to Cowboys assistant Rich Behm and everyone involved in the collapse of the team’s training facility.

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